They Are Telling the Truth!!!

I’m looking forward to Hillary Clinton becoming the 1st woman to ever win the Presidential election!!! I believe Trump has finally shot himself in the foot too many times. His boasting and denial of engaging in sexual predatory behavior with the women who finally stood up to report him, was the final straw. I had similar experiences with men decades ago, too, but not Trump (that would have grossed me out the most). I DID NOT report any of those incidents either, to the social media, police or anyone except a friend. That wasn’t an option for me or most other women, for these reasons:

1 – No laws to defend women then, like there is today,

2- Women were criticized and blamed for causing the trouble and then humiliated by it,

3- Women would have their names and reputations dragged through the mud.

4- Women were not believed, so “telling” or “reporting” wasn’t an option for most of us back then.

5- Embarrassment to my family

Read this… Examples of my experiences in the 1970s & 1980s in Florida:

1- A physician’s employment application for assistant in a doctor’s office across from Holy Cross Hospital where I applied said, quote, “Would you consider having sex with the boss? I said “no”, so I didn’t get the job…. big surprise!

2- I applied to a Detective Agency in the 1970s to be an undercover detective. The “boss” there asked me “if” I wanted the job. I said “yes”. He said: “If I hire you, understand, you will have to take care of all the men here when we’re not busy.” I didn’t get that job either.

3- A cop stopped me for speeding on US1 in Pompano Beach. He said I could get out of a speeding ticket and fines if I followed him to a hidden place and give him a bj. I took the speeding ticket instead.

4- My friend and I frequented a busy pub every weekend to play pool. Because we always refused the gross advances of the inebriated clientele, they started a rumor throughout the bar we were lesbians. We found another place to play pool.

5- I applied for a receptionist job at an office in Ft. Lauderdale & filled out an application.I got a call from the boss the next day, (three times my age). He asked me to come to his condo to be interviewed once again. Innocently I went. When he didn’t discuss the job after I arrived there, I sensed something wrong and tried to leave. He blocked the door with his body and would let me leave. He said I couldn’t leave until after I had sex with him. He became physically forceful and twice my size, so I had to “give in” to him or be raped to get out of there. I didn’t get the job, either.

6- In 1984, my attorney wanted me to see a psychiatrist concerning my court case. The 70+ year old psychiatric said he would wave the office fees if I would agree to have sex with him. I left in a huff. He wrote a letter that went against me at my trial instead of in my favor because I refused to have sex with him.

7- A male medical physician (MD) took me into a room for a “pap smear exam” without a female assistant or nurse present. He shut the door and told me to get on the table with the stirrups, then proceeded to sadistically violate me with a cold metal object/tool. I was screaming bloody murder, but he didn’t stop and no one came in to help me!

That’s just some of the stuff that went on in the 70s and 80s, and I DID NOT report any of it, to save myself additional humiliation, expenses and a hassle each time. Trump’s victims DID NOT come forward years ago for the same reasons and more! Why did they now? Because now, women have laws to protect them and they feel empowered and secure enough to do it . When Trump lied about them being fraudulent accusations, – the women jumped on the opportunity to tell the facts – for their own personal closure because laws now to protect them and their rights as women!!!

The women who reported Trump’s inexcusable, unwelcomed sexual behavior are telling the truth!!!


Your Truly,

Dr. Carla

PS. I put a call into Gloria Allred’s office in case she would like to interview me.

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