Relationship Destroyers – Part Four



About Intimate and/or Sexual Relationships – Part 4

The Main Attractions – Is it Chemistry?
Or Can Chemistry be an Umbrella Term?  Are Our ‘5 Senses’ & Imagination necessary for a Successful, Sexual Relationship?  Are We challenged by Sexual Chemistry?
Do we rely on these famous 5 plus our imagination to tell us if we are sexually suited for one another?  Do we, or should we have a daily diet or at least, a continuous diet of the ‘famous five plus’ to keep a relationship sexually alive?  You better believe you should.  My musing continues here.

For most people, I believe we would all agree, that initially, the main attraction from one person for another is a sexual attraction or sexual chemistry.  With some couples sexual chemistry maybe become intense, but with others, it may be mild in nature.  However, the important factor is that you have a compatible libido with your partner so that both individuals feel satisfied instead of neglected or pressured into intimacy they don’t desire.

Chemistry as an Umbrella Term
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