Relationship Destroyers – Part Six


About Intimate and/or Sexual Relationships – Part 6

When Two Become One… Joined at the Hip
Haven’t I heard that somewhere before?  RED FLAG!
Old school, maybe, but we’ve definitely become familiar with the saying, ‘when two become one’.  Another familiar saying is: ‘joined at the hip’.  You might think, cute, sweet, how wonderful that sounds, but the reality is… that philosophy is… a relationship destroyer.  Maybe not today, maybe not when you first think it or say it, but on down the road, being up someone’s ass after a certain amount of times can get extremely uncomfortable, or… painful.  Yikes!

However, there is a lot of truth in the saying: ‘too close for comfort’ and ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.  Have you ever wondered where those saying came from?  I realize when your love is new, or your chemistry is on fire, that’s how you may feel, thinking: OMG, I want to be with him (or her) every minute of the day and night.  I applaud your feelings and celebrate your reasoning… for now.  But for … Continue reading