Behind Closed Doors: Detective Fly on the Wall

“You humans are often wishing to be a fly on the wall. You use in your conversations the phrase “I’d love to be a fly on the wall” to suggest you would like to be an invisible voyeur to observe the behavior of other humans.  I’m a common house fly, an undercover detective and the esteemed narrator of

Behind Closed Doors, Detective Fly on The Wall.”


An example:
“I mentally prepared myself for entering this historic U.S. residence which is, by all means, a political hell hole and private war zone where corruption, hypocrisy, and danger breeds.”

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Take a peek behind the masks of hypocrisy and the walls of deception that lurk and thrive in the mainstream; the secret, desperate lives of sinners, perverts, and criminals that remain usually well hidden in posh mansions from the wrath and condemnation of our society.
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