SECRET CINEMAS, Grenci’s New Book About Sexual Adventures!

 SECRET CINEMAS IS COMING SOON….  To The Theatre ‘In You’!!!

You’re invited to Secret Cinemas, created and directed by Dr. Charlayne Grenci for adult entertainment. Dr. Grenci is the sexologist and Imagineer that wants the reader to let go and experience sexual adventures with a virtual reality mindset.

This book is about sexual fantasies and sexual adventures that we can experience in our imagination. We all have a very private, secret theatre in our imagination which I call a secret cinema. It’s an erotic, bizarre or beautiful, sometimes kinky or evil, naughty or nice ‘show-time’ any time we choose to see it. Secret Cinemas is here to make your imagination come alive.

If you can dream it, you can experience it, if you let your imagination run wild.  Everything we can see in our imagination, we can experience in a make-believe virtual sense, like it’s happening to us, because our minds are as powerful and creative as we allow them to be. Our imaginations are as dirty and decadent as it can get.   Secret Cinemas is pioneering a distinctive path of its own, while not claiming to cover all aspects of previously published books about sexual fantasies. This book offers a dissimilar feature, just for fun.

Secret Cinemas was composed to give women comfort and support to know they aren’t alone thinking about dark, forbidden sexual fantasies. Another function of this book is to make the reader’s fantasies come alive, as close to reality as humanly possible. Secret Cinemas Narrator encourages the reader to let go and experience their fantasies in an imaginary, virtual reality mindset where mental visions can appear more realistic.

Secret Cinemas presents its adult content in a new perspective concerning the theatre in your mind. This book was prepared to stimulate the reader’s imagination into a virtual reality mind-game to imagine you are seeing the sexual scenes in this book like a ‘live’ motion picture or ‘live’ theatrical stage shows in your mind’s eye. The sexual adventures can be read like a novel, but should be read like you are watching ten movies, or participating in the movies. The interactive dialog suggested between the reader and the imaginary narrator was included for interactive entertainment.

To be direct, evoking simulated movie theaters within the reader’s imagination is for getting as up as close and personal as possible to the sexual scenes. The reader’s imagination is encouraged to experience an intimate reality with the movie adventures. This new concept, as imagination-driven as it is, showing a different way to read about sex and a different way to think about sex while reading. By identifying with this ideology, Secret Cinemas can show the reader ‘how to’ go deep into the realm of their imagination. Here is your opportunity to become more psychically involve in erotic literature and to get more physically involved – if that’s your choice.

Secret Cinemas is the compilation of sexual fantasy adventures and escapades in a short or longer story form. The narrator communicates with the reader and gives the reader an option to become involved in each fantasy scene with the main character or the main character substituted with another person of the reader’s choice. In The imaginary narrator serves as the reader’s personal tour guide and confidant. One of the narrator’s significant functions is to communicate with the reader, one-on-one, developing an intimate and interactive relationship. The narrator’s other function is to entice the reader’s imagination into the secret sexual fantasies they are reading about and desire the most. The narrator’s phantom presence, personal communication, and guidance is key in helping the reader achieve a more realistic, life-like experience within the theatre of their own imagination. Here is your private, front row seat to just secretly observe a fantasy adventure like a voyeur, hiding in the dark unnoticed, or the reader can opt to participate in a fantasy adventure by imagining to walk right into the scene in progress and indulge in whatever he or she chooses. This extension into the extreme depths of one’s creative imagination involves the ability of completely letting one’s thoughts go wild with fantasizing for one’s own visual entertainment or sexual pleasures.

In conclusion, the author’s innovative fantasy-theatre, mind game concept in this book challenges the adult literary world with a new perspective and new performance for erotic literature. Anything is possible in the Secret Cinemas, and everything else is limited only by your imagination.

For best results and an orgasmic experience, prepare to effectively shut off your mind to the rest of the world and jump between these pages in a quiet atmosphere with no distractions. Give your undivided attention. Go deep, down into the abyss of your imagination where the sexual adventures can automatically become visible in your mind and will appear more realistic and live-like.

Now it’s time to put on your imaginary, virtual reality headset so you can muse in Secret Cinemas with your cart blanc privileges to see any sexual scenes you desire in complete privacy. Remember, your mind is capable of anything you give it permission to do. So, don’t just read this book, experience it. Experience all your sexual fantasies in the Secret Cinemas.

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