Medicine Cabinets Are ‘Relationship Destroyers’!!!


It’s a well-known fact that people like to snoop through bathroom medicine cabinets.  In fact, it is said that more than 50% of people who visit your home will really take a peek inside your medicine cabinet.  Many folks have advised that it’s a wise move to take a peek into someone’s medicine cabinet before you decide to get serious.

The medicine cabinet tells volumes about a person who may not be sharing that important information with you! You’ll see if you know their legal name, the kind of medications with the dates will suggest what health issues, both mental and physical are being medicated. This is such a phenomenon, that websites show slides and videos to give you voyeuristic peeks into a plethora of medicine cabinets.

Everything from sex lube, poppers, prophylactics (if size matters to you – lol) denture cream and hemorrhoid suppositories to Prozac, Seconal, Oxycodone, and Viagra!  Hell, you might get lucky to discover your prospective date or mate may have forgotten their stash of recreational drugs is in the bathroom, or maybe a sex toy!
You might get a hint about their sexual practices, but of course, communication is necessary.  There is a bundle of evidence to be discovered ‘behind those closed doors’.

You will be much more informed from A to Z from the dirty little secrets hidden away in a person’s medicine cabinet.  The medicine cabinet is your best guide and confidential snitch to who you are befriending or who you have in your sights for a romantic partner.  Better to be safe than sorry.  When in doubt, check the medicine cabinet!  Follow up with questions at another time.  Be discreet.  Loose lips sink ships.

Remember: “You are the company you keep.”

P.S. Radio Stations! Yes, radio stations. Another minor tell-tale about a person is their ‘radio station selection’.  Ever thought about that?  Notice what selection of music is close to the person’s heart.  Music can give hints about background, culture, diversity and sometimes age if that’s a concern of yours.  Check it out.  It can’t hurt.

Yours Truly, Dr. Charlayne Grenci

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