Lectures, Sex Education or Instruction

Private Coaching, Sex Education or Instruction

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Travel Options

Travel Options for DR Grenci PhD

Guest Lectures
Seminar Speaker
Conference Presentations – $500 & up *plus travel & accommodations
Please inquire by contacting me here


Courses in Professional Domination


$500 Crash Course (2 hour class)

Professional Domination Training Course #1
(2 classes with homework – 4 hours – $950)

Professional Domination Training Course #2
(3 classes with homework & exam – 6 hours – $1,500)

Advanced Professional Domination Course #3
(5 classes with homework & 2 hour exam + Receive a Masters Degree Certification)
10 hours total – $2,500



Private Sessions

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Office Visits (my office-library 1 Hr.) $200

Interview with me for Sex Research Only $200

Office Visit via Skype (1 Hr) $200

Interview for Sex Research via “Skype” – (30 mins) $100

Coaching by Telephone (30 minutes) $100

E-mail (3 e-mails) $150


All office visits for consultations, sex-coaching, education and instruction for BDSM, lifestyle domination or submission and all other related interests – $250 up  (individuals and couples welcome)
Please inquire by contacting me here


*All sessions of coaching, instruction or supervision are for sexual concerns or relationship issues in heterosexual or alternative lifestyles.  The options for alternatives lifestyles include BDSM, lifestyle domination or submission, fantasies & fetishes and role-play (for individuals or couples).



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