My New Year’s Resolutions 2017


Dr. Grenci, aka Mistress Carla

1-  LOVE – I will love as much and as often as possible because we never know what today or tomorrow will bring. Will I be here tomorrow or next month for those who need me, love me and count on me? Will that old man be alive in another month? Will that dear lady be well enough to hear my words, to feel presence and my touch or be aware I’m by her side? Or will she be too ill to remember I exist, to remember I care? I will continue to be kind, compassionate and supportive to those who need me.


2-  WORK – I will work as hard and consistently as my profession warrants and my ability can handle the work; to be as creative and productive as I can be; to never falter and never give up. I plan on publishing 4-5 more books in 2017!


3-  HEALTH – Exercise – Promotes Discipline: I will exercise at least 1-2 hours daily, 4-6 days per week; to eat sensibly, to keep … Continue reading

2016 for Changes, Challenges & Progress: Courage & Convictions

Happy New Year from Dr. GrenciI predict that in 2016 the possibilities of a great new beginning will unfold on many levels. I believe that each and every one of us must contribute with positive action, influence and support to promote changes and progress.

I am aware it will take unyielding strength, perseverance, motivation and determination from everyone of us to make good things happen in our community and in our world, and I am confident to propose those challenges to all of you by being strong and loyal to my convictions. I take much pride and honor in my convictions. They are my most priceless virtues.

Among the New Year’s Resolutions I made today, I made a promise to myself and my loved ones to continue do the best I can, and to provide the most I can in 2016 to positively influence as many individuals possible as a role model, mentor, educator and/or support system. I vow to be honorable, trustworthy and forthright. I promise to use good judgement and appropriate protocol.

I challenge you, all of you, to promote and contribute … Continue reading

My Introduction to the Spiritual World

SERIOUS DOMINATION TRAINING SESSION AT COMMAND PERFORMANCE - 1992My non-conformist years of rebellion were starting to take a toll on me.  I was still refined at heart but remarkably immature.  I was about to enter a world which would conflict with everything I had been taught as a child and all the values which were inbred in me. Had I also been programmed for alternative lifestyles?  Up through my twenties I was still quite naive in some respects, and I surely wasn’t aware there was an underground subculture which would defy all the principles of my childhood up-bringing, as well as challenge my character and community status. By all social norms, this new lifestyle, this new profession would mock that old-fashioned ideology and all the disciplines and protocol that went with it.

It must have been in the cards? Soon, I would become known as a Professional Dominatrix. I would be asked if I was a witch or a fortune teller. I would also been referred to as “the Larry Flint” of the BDSM community. What most people didn’t know is that around the … Continue reading