The Power of Trump’s Ruthless Rhetoric Influences Violence & Manipulates the Public

Dr. GrenciMore clever statements and decisions with a thinly-veiled, scheme/message by the Rep. Front-runner:  when Trump “mentioned” there would be ‘riots’ if……!  What do you think he was conveying to the public? Just like his remarks, “I’d punch him in the face”.  What resulted after that? Certain words, especially words of hate or violence, speak volumes and influence some angry people to engage in violent behavior, whether verbal or physical.  Remember, manipulation and control, like sadism, has just as much power (or more affect) when delivered verbally as physically. Words are as powerful and dangerous as torture, because they can promote violence.

Why do you believe Trump cancelled his participation in Monday’s upcoming debate? Most people want to believe it’s because he wants to avoid riots or he has won already and doesn’t need to do debates any more. Not my take on that issue at all. I look at the whole psychological picture, the probable strategy of a narcissist. I believe his decision is part of his ruthless scheme.

How about this strategy – he doesn’t want to give either of his remaining running … Continue reading

The Absurdity and Cruelty of Politics

Let’s reflect back to 2001. “What’s on your mind?”

Dr. CarlaThis is what’s been on my mind for too long: I am sick and tired of Fox News, especially Shawn on Hannity. He is overbearingly insulting and disrespectful to all Democrats especially to Hillary Clinton. He attacks everyone and ridicules everyone he interviews if they aren’t in agreement with him (or a Republican), and he habitually talks over them when they are expressing positives about Sanders, Clinton or Obama (or other famous Democrats).

But what is the most distressing is how obvious he appears to not like women, especially women of power and intellect. I can say with confidence that it looks like that is the prominent theme with the Republican candidates, too. So let’s face the facts here: how many American men will be horrified angry and/or threatened if a woman is successful to become the President of the United States!? Really?

I may generate hate mail and slander myself for saying this, but oh well, like Hillary, I’ve been used to tolerating male chauvinism for decades, so go right ahead. My bottom line is this: it’s about darn time … Continue reading