My New Year’s Resolutions 2017


Dr. Grenci, aka Mistress Carla

1-  LOVE – I will love as much and as often as possible because we never know what today or tomorrow will bring. Will I be here tomorrow or next month for those who need me, love me and count on me? Will that old man be alive in another month? Will that dear lady be well enough to hear my words, to feel presence and my touch or be aware I’m by her side? Or will she be too ill to remember I exist, to remember I care? I will continue to be kind, compassionate and supportive to those who need me.


2-  WORK – I will work as hard and consistently as my profession warrants and my ability can handle the work; to be as creative and productive as I can be; to never falter and never give up. I plan on publishing 4-5 more books in 2017!


3-  HEALTH – Exercise – Promotes Discipline: I will exercise at least 1-2 hours daily, 4-6 days per week; to eat sensibly, to keep … Continue reading



They Are Telling the Truth!!!

I’m looking forward to Hillary Clinton becoming the 1st woman to ever win the Presidential election!!! I believe Trump has finally shot himself in the foot too many times. His boasting and denial of engaging in sexual predatory behavior with the women who finally stood up to report him, was the final straw. I had similar experiences with men decades ago, too, but not Trump (that would have grossed me out the most). I DID NOT report any of those incidents either, to the social media, police or anyone except a friend. That wasn’t an option for me or most other women, for these reasons:

1 – No laws to defend women then, like there is today,

2- Women were criticized and blamed for causing the trouble and then humiliated by it,

3- Women would have their names and reputations dragged through the mud.

4- Women were not believed, so “telling” or “reporting” wasn’t an option for most of us back then.

5- Embarrassment to my family

Read this… Examples of my experiences in the 1970s & 1980s in Florida:

1- A physician’s employment application for assistant in a doctor’s office … Continue reading

SECRET CINEMAS, Grenci’s New Book About Sexual Adventures!

 SECRET CINEMAS IS COMING SOON….  To The Theatre ‘In You’!!!

You’re invited to Secret Cinemas, created and directed by Dr. Charlayne Grenci for adult entertainment. Dr. Grenci is the sexologist and Imagineer that wants the reader to let go and experience sexual adventures with a virtual reality mindset.

This book is about sexual fantasies and sexual adventures that we can experience in our imagination. We all have a very private, secret theatre in our imagination which I call a secret cinema. It’s an erotic, bizarre or beautiful, sometimes kinky or evil, naughty or nice ‘show-time’ any time we choose to see it. Secret Cinemas is here to make your imagination come alive.

If you can dream it, you can experience it, if you let your imagination run wild.  Everything we can see in our imagination, we can experience in a make-believe virtual sense, like it’s happening to us, because our minds are as powerful and creative as we allow them to be. Our imaginations are as dirty and decadent as it can get.   Secret Cinemas is pioneering a distinctive path of its own, while not claiming to cover all aspects of previously published books about sexual fantasies. This book offers … Continue reading

The Absurdity and Cruelty of Politics

Let’s reflect back to 2001. “What’s on your mind?”

Dr. CarlaThis is what’s been on my mind for too long: I am sick and tired of Fox News, especially Shawn on Hannity. He is overbearingly insulting and disrespectful to all Democrats especially to Hillary Clinton. He attacks everyone and ridicules everyone he interviews if they aren’t in agreement with him (or a Republican), and he habitually talks over them when they are expressing positives about Sanders, Clinton or Obama (or other famous Democrats).

But what is the most distressing is how obvious he appears to not like women, especially women of power and intellect. I can say with confidence that it looks like that is the prominent theme with the Republican candidates, too. So let’s face the facts here: how many American men will be horrified angry and/or threatened if a woman is successful to become the President of the United States!? Really?

I may generate hate mail and slander myself for saying this, but oh well, like Hillary, I’ve been used to tolerating male chauvinism for decades, so go right ahead. My bottom line is this: it’s about darn time … Continue reading


– Let’s Face Reality now!


Dr. GrenciI have been an advocate, teacher and guest lecturer on the topic of “S&M and the Law” since 1987. Because of my extensive, first hand experience in the 1980s through the present time, I have felt responsible to share my knowledge to help people in preventing all sorts of problems in their lives which can be avoided. I have lectured and presented at universities, conventions, clubs and for groups and provided private tutoring for professionals, individuals and couples who have taken an interest in learning about how our society, law enforcement and the judicial system deal with the professional dommes, practitioners and other folks involved on some level in the BDSM lifestyle. With 36 years experience I have much to offer in the education and enlightenment of this topic. Read here:



What else I have learned is the resistance and avoidance I have observed and been subjected to by the very same people who need the education the most. This reality has been discouraging and interesting to me at the same time. It … Continue reading

Has Recognizing Same-Sex Marriages Stirred Up Another Angry Bee Hive?

Recognizing Same-Sex MarriagesA new topic of concern that is in need of much deliberation and discussion was raised on LinkedIn recently by Dr. Elizabeth “Eli” Sheff, and I want to address this issue, too.

It’s the question: Should Polygyny marriages be recognized now, too?

Naturally, people are starting to be concerned about “what’s up next” in the good old USA? Probably the same folks who opposed same-sex marriage are the ones with the most fear that legally recognizing same-sex marriage will inevitably lead to plural marriage. Yet historically, polygyny has been far more popular than monogamy in several countries and religions, at least for men of high status or those who can afford it.

Yes, we know that recognizing safe-sex marriage would automatically stir up another hot pot of bewilderment, panic and continued opposition for those who believe their way is the only way it should be. The 24 thousand dollar question is this: Did recognizing/legalizing same-sex marriage profoundly change the definition of marriage so that now “marrriage” has assumed the capacity for many alternative interpretations? Or, does the institution of marriage … Continue reading

Imagine if Charlayne Grenci Played Christian Grey’s Role in Fifty Shades Movie!

What if E. L. James had used a seasoned, tough, dominant woman for her fantasy figure instead of the sexual sadist, Christian Grey? What if her main character had been Dr. Charlayne Grenci? Imagine The Devil Wears Prada colliding with the Fifty Shades of Grey? Picture Meryl Streep playing the role of Dr. Charlayne Grenci aka Mistress Carla in FSOG? The movie may not have sold 100 million copies, but the theme would have been as entertaining and unique as bizarre and controversial and Streep would have done a brilliant job. It still could have been a fantasy fiction if James wrote it. Or, would it have been better as a non-fiction? Why has this come up?

I was told that Grenci, Dr. Carla, has been a fantasy figure in her private and professional life for over forty years. Why is this true? The reaction of people to her, their letters, their comments, confessions and proposals. Thousands of men and women alike, young and old have voiced or written about their curiosity, temptation and titillation by the fantasy figure they see. So what’s the deal with Carla’s image that attracts people… or scares them away? Dr. Carla admitted to me in … Continue reading

I’m Guilty As Charged – I’ve Been a Social Activist for Over 30 Years

GE DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are interested in who I am, and you would like to get to know me, you should read about the depth and diversity of my experiences in my true life story… with its shocking events and my huge life lessons! It’s all in my book, “Queen of Domination: My Secret Life“!

My next Blog is not going to be an excerpt from my book, I’m going to write about a different segment of my life. Many people don’t know I’m considered a social activist. It all started in 1983, but it continued for over 20 years.

After surviving the trauma and political combat of my five year legal battle from 1983-1988, I called the Witch-Hunt Battle which was fraught with corruption and hypocrisy by the State of Florida, I defied the system and challenged it once again. I couldn’t have done it any other way. I would do it all over again. The Judge had threatened me in 1985 in front of a packed courtroom saying, he better not see me in his courtroom again for practicing domination, or I would be facing … Continue reading

Our Forgotten ‘Earth Angels’ Part II – Take Action Now – Become a Humanitarian in 2015! Because This Can Happen To Any of Us

Our Forgotten Earth angelsI’m going to write about the fear and despair of many elderly citizens. This goes across all nationalities, religions, cultures and societies. I’m talking about all people. I’m referring to the isolation. The loneliness. The emptiness.  Yes… it is depressing for us who still have a healthy, productive life, which is why most people turn a blind eye and run the other way, even turn their backs on folks in their own family or circle of friends. It’s a crime and a sin, but it’s here and there and everywhere, and we must deal with it. Not wanting to leave their home, though alone day and night. Fearing isolation from family because of illness and not being able to keep up and function normally. Or the haunting fear of being taken away from familiar surroundings and put in a strange place, or with a relative that does the favor out of protest?

An elderly person’s home is their sanctuary, their comfort zone and their only security. It is one of the only things they have left to count on and cling to. I believe that … Continue reading