Our Forgotten ‘Earth Angels’ Part II – Take Action Now – Become a Humanitarian in 2015! Because This Can Happen To Any of Us

Our Forgotten Earth angelsI’m going to write about the fear and despair of many elderly citizens. This goes across all nationalities, religions, cultures and societies. I’m talking about all people. I’m referring to the isolation. The loneliness. The emptiness.  Yes… it is depressing for us who still have a healthy, productive life, which is why most people turn a blind eye and run the other way, even turn their backs on folks in their own family or circle of friends. It’s a crime and a sin, but it’s here and there and everywhere, and we must deal with it. Not wanting to leave their home, though alone day and night. Fearing isolation from family because of illness and not being able to keep up and function normally. Or the haunting fear of being taken away from familiar surroundings and put in a strange place, or with a relative that does the favor out of protest?

An elderly person’s home is their sanctuary, their comfort zone and their only security. It is one of the only things they have left to count on and cling to. I believe that … Continue reading

Our ‘Earth Angels’

Part I – Cruelty of Aging


The cruelty of aging


Aging… after 50 or 60, after 70 or 80 years old? It is not a situation the majority wishes to recognize, and it is not a pleasant journey for others which is why discussions are often avoided.  I am going to write this from the heart. I have had the experience of feeling the intensity of pain, anguish and confusion from elderly relatives, clients, patients and friends. I have seen the look in their eyes, the expressions on their face, the tone of voice, yet at the same time their words were saying something else. Their words were not exposing this silent anguish. There words would not dare speak of the submerged pain. Why, I said to myself and then pondered the answer? Why would someone rather suffer in silence than share these feelings, especially with someone close… someone who cares. Wouldn’t it relieve some of the anguish? Why is suffering in silence so prevalent.  It’s a cruel reality.

The answer is as complex as it is heart-wrenching. Nobody in their right mind … Continue reading