2016 for Changes, Challenges & Progress: Courage & Convictions

Happy New Year from Dr. GrenciI predict that in 2016 the possibilities of a great new beginning will unfold on many levels. I believe that each and every one of us must contribute with positive action, influence and support to promote changes and progress.

I am aware it will take unyielding strength, perseverance, motivation and determination from everyone of us to make good things happen in our community and in our world, and I am confident to propose those challenges to all of you by being strong and loyal to my convictions. I take much pride and honor in my convictions. They are my most priceless virtues.

Among the New Year’s Resolutions I made today, I made a promise to myself and my loved ones to continue do the best I can, and to provide the most I can in 2016 to positively influence as many individuals possible as a role model, mentor, educator and/or support system. I vow to be honorable, trustworthy and forthright. I promise to use good judgement and appropriate protocol.

I challenge you, all of you, to promote and contribute … Continue reading

Dungeon VS. Clinic: The Origin of My Non-Conventional Research Project

GE DIGITAL CAMERAIt was amazing in those early days, when people met me and heard what I did for a living; they became anxiously interested in seeking my advice about their personal sex lives. This happened on a regular basis in and out of the dungeon.

Everywhere I went and most everyone I met became curious and started inquiring, probing…. I felt I was “on stage” wherever I was, but I didn’t have a problem sharing my knowledge, nor did the subject of “sex” embarrass me. It seemed everybody had questions or issues about their relationship or sex life. Most mainstream people were not familiar with the subculture I was involved with, but they knew it dealt with sexuality and that is what caught their interest.

Discussions with strangers and acquaintances quickly became as frequent and popular as with my personal friends and fetish enthusiasts.

Whenever I divulged my taboo occupation to family doctors, I was asked to stay and chat with them after my appointment. Predictably, they all wanted to be enlightened on the subject of domination and submission and what went on … Continue reading

Transform Your Relationship…Spice Up Your Erotic Life

Spice-up-your-erotic-relationshipAfter the honeymoon phase in a new relationship or after several years in a great relationship, many couples want to do something to spice up their sex life.

Everything else can be wonderful – the friendship, the companionship, the communication – but the magic seems to be gone in the bedroom.

One way to stimulate that excitement is through dominant and submissive role play. It really adds spice to the relationship, much like taking a vacation to a new place can be just what you need to bring new energy and enthusiasm into your daily life.

The reason dominant and submissive role play works so well is because it enables partners to take on different roles from what they have in everyday life or exaggerate ones that they already enjoy.

For example, a man who gives orders in a factory or does routine calculations as an accountant at work might like the excitement of participating in a fantasy scene where he can dress up as a baby or take everything and play at being a friendly pet. Or perhaps he might like to simply relax and have things done to him as he … Continue reading

Play Party Etiquette

Play Party EtiquettePlay parties are growing in popularity – whether you go to a club that features play parties, go to one at a friend’s house, or create your own play party event. But if you want to be successful and have a great experience, you have to follow certain rules, such as we have at the Dungeon Club in Florida.

These rules are designed to create a supportive, comfortable environment and protect participants from the potential dangers that occur when fantasy play becomes too intense and goes beyond the safe limits that participants set before engaging in play. Rules are also designed to protect the role play of participants from intrusions by others which would break the fantasy.

Some of the key dos and don’ts to follow in a public or private venue when there are two or more partners participating:

  • Dress up in costume or feel free to take whatever you want off, within your own comfort level. In some clubs genitalia must be covered.
  • Respect the boundaries of others who are engaging in fantasy role play. For example, unless a couple … Continue reading