Play Party Etiquette

Play Party EtiquettePlay parties are growing in popularity – whether you go to a club that features play parties, go to one at a friend’s house, or create your own play party event. But if you want to be successful and have a great experience, you have to follow certain rules, such as we have at the Dungeon Club in Florida.

These rules are designed to create a supportive, comfortable environment and protect participants from the potential dangers that occur when fantasy play becomes too intense and goes beyond the safe limits that participants set before engaging in play. Rules are also designed to protect the role play of participants from intrusions by others which would break the fantasy.

Some of the key dos and don’ts to follow in a public or private venue when there are two or more partners participating:

  • Dress up in costume or feel free to take whatever you want off, within your own comfort level. In some clubs genitalia must be covered.
  • Respect the boundaries of others who are engaging in fantasy role play. For example, unless a couple … Continue reading