My Introduction to the Spiritual World

SERIOUS DOMINATION TRAINING SESSION AT COMMAND PERFORMANCE - 1992My non-conformist years of rebellion were starting to take a toll on me.  I was still refined at heart but remarkably immature.  I was about to enter a world which would conflict with everything I had been taught as a child and all the values which were inbred in me. Had I also been programmed for alternative lifestyles?  Up through my twenties I was still quite naive in some respects, and I surely wasn’t aware there was an underground subculture which would defy all the principles of my childhood up-bringing, as well as challenge my character and community status. By all social norms, this new lifestyle, this new profession would mock that old-fashioned ideology and all the disciplines and protocol that went with it.

It must have been in the cards? Soon, I would become known as a Professional Dominatrix. I would be asked if I was a witch or a fortune teller. I would also been referred to as “the Larry Flint” of the BDSM community. What most people didn’t know is that around the … Continue reading

Dungeon VS. Clinic: The Origin of My Non-Conventional Research Project

GE DIGITAL CAMERAIt was amazing in those early days, when people met me and heard what I did for a living; they became anxiously interested in seeking my advice about their personal sex lives. This happened on a regular basis in and out of the dungeon.

Everywhere I went and most everyone I met became curious and started inquiring, probing…. I felt I was “on stage” wherever I was, but I didn’t have a problem sharing my knowledge, nor did the subject of “sex” embarrass me. It seemed everybody had questions or issues about their relationship or sex life. Most mainstream people were not familiar with the subculture I was involved with, but they knew it dealt with sexuality and that is what caught their interest.

Discussions with strangers and acquaintances quickly became as frequent and popular as with my personal friends and fetish enthusiasts.

Whenever I divulged my taboo occupation to family doctors, I was asked to stay and chat with them after my appointment. Predictably, they all wanted to be enlightened on the subject of domination and submission and what went on … Continue reading

Is it Rare for a Woman to Publish a Book…. About Her Sex Life?

Is it Rare for a Woman to Publish a Book…. About Her Sex Life?
Take a Taste of This!


Rare for a Woman to Publish a BookQUEEN OF DOMINATION, MY SECRET LIFE is a mind-bender. Hell yes, I’m going to lay it on the line, it’s a mind-fuck beyond the scope of reasoning to a degree. That’s what you will think some times, ’cause it’s deep… extra deep.  Maybe unfathomable in parts.  I’ll take you from prim and proper ballet shoes and violin lessons to hard-core leather boots, whips and chains and everything in between!

This book is jam packed full of life, karma and choices. Some were beyond my control. Most were not. I’m talking about the real deal.

Something fascinating was brought to my attention two weeks ago when my dearest colleague took me by surprise by asking a question I wasn’t prepared for.

“Carla, what makes your book unique?” It sounded like an easy question.

“Well, um, because I wrote it.” I answered not knowing what he expected.

“Carla, stop and think about it, what makes your book unique?” I hesitated to respond this time, thinking I … Continue reading

Peek Inside the Mind of Mistress Carla, ‘Queen of Domination’

Do You Know a Highly Creative Personality?
Is it a Blessing or a Curse?


Because of a paradox personality, highly creative people appear as numerous people within one individual possessing a wide range of extreme and intense energies. I think of it as a yin-yang personality. These people possess the deepest of insights. Needing a lot of sleep and solitude for their creative production, but needing equally as much socializing with other people. That doesn’t sound too out of the ordinary, but with the highly creative folks, it gets much more complicated than that. It is common to question how a person’s traits can be so opposite at the same time, such as a combination of intelligence and naivety.

What about tremendous self-confidence and insecurity? One trait appears to conflict with the other. I will eagerly challenge the unknown and at the same time take pride in being a problem-solver.

I have been called a visionary, labeled a leader, a trendsetter and a trail blazer, because I take the challenges, the heat and the risks of being rejected or accepted for experimenting and exploring new territory and new concepts. I have a passion to play hard, … Continue reading


Flashback to 1981, The Story Unfolds

Mistress Carla 1980's

It is July 2012. I am at home sitting in my quaint office-library and surrounded by books. I take a deep breath. My pulse starts racing, and I wonder where did all the time go? What happened to the last thirty plus years of my life? Why did it speed by so quickly? Is this where I’m supposed to be in my life now, or should I be engaged in something else before it’s too late?

I glance to the left side of my desk and notice the famous Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy staring at me, stabbing at my gut. I feel a nauseating rush and all at once I am irritated and envious. Those were my books to write. After all, I have lived that life.

My office hugs me in a sphere of tall, fully stuffed bookcases of non-fiction literature containing some of the most intense and extreme educational texts. How- to sex manuals, books on psychology, abnormal psychology, human sexuality, sexology, personality disorders, perversions, fetishes, other paraphilias, relationship self-help manuals, books on alternative lifestyles, gender-bending, criminal behavior, and … Continue reading

Our ‘Earth Angels’

Part I – Cruelty of Aging


The cruelty of aging


Aging… after 50 or 60, after 70 or 80 years old? It is not a situation the majority wishes to recognize, and it is not a pleasant journey for others which is why discussions are often avoided.  I am going to write this from the heart. I have had the experience of feeling the intensity of pain, anguish and confusion from elderly relatives, clients, patients and friends. I have seen the look in their eyes, the expressions on their face, the tone of voice, yet at the same time their words were saying something else. Their words were not exposing this silent anguish. There words would not dare speak of the submerged pain. Why, I said to myself and then pondered the answer? Why would someone rather suffer in silence than share these feelings, especially with someone close… someone who cares. Wouldn’t it relieve some of the anguish? Why is suffering in silence so prevalent.  It’s a cruel reality.

The answer is as complex as it is heart-wrenching. Nobody in their right mind … Continue reading

Dominatrix on Trial

Pair Guilty Of Running House Of Ill Repute February 12, 1985 | By Diane M. Goldie, Staff Writer SCAN0001Charlayne Grenci, professionally known as “Mistress Carla, the Queen of Domination,“ and her associate, Jean Morgan, pleaded guilty Monday to charges they ran a house of ill repute. Morgan, 60, who scheduled Grenci`s $250-an-hour torture sessions at 160 NE 19th St., Pompano Beach, was sentenced to 18 months` probation. Broward Circuit Judge Leroy Moe ordered a background check on Grenci and set her sentencing for March 28. Under terms of the plea agreement, Moe can send Grenci to the county jail for a maximum of 90 days, place her on five years` probation and judge her guilty, which will leave her with a permanent criminal record. Grenci, 36, was advised by her attorney, Bruce Randall, not to comment on the case. “This was just a plea of convenience,“ Randall said. “They`re admitting to the charges and that they did it, but it`s just for their own convenience. The first trial was a real traumatic experience for them and they don`t want to go through that again.“ But Assistant State Attorney Ronald D`Anna said he … Continue reading

About Sexology


Information Source is Courtesy of  Princeton University


Sexology is the scientific study of sexual interests, behavior, and function In modern sexology, researchers apply tools from several academic fields, including biology, medicine, psychology, statistics, epidemiology, sociology, anthropology, and criminology. It studies sexual development and the development of sexual relationships as well as the mechanics of sexual intercourse.

It also documents the sexualities of special groups, such as the disabled, the handicapped, children, and the elderly. Sexologists study sexual dysfunctions, disorders, and variations, such as erectile dysfunction, pedophilia, and sexual orientation. Sexological findings can become controversial when they contradict mainstream, religious, or political beliefs.

While there are works dedicated towards sex in antiquity, the scientific study of sexual behavior began in the 19th century.  Shifts in European national borders at that time brought into conflict laws that were sexually liberal and laws that criminalized behaviors such … Continue reading

The Appeal of BDSM

Grande Mistress bust shot- B&WToday, BDSM has become more popular than ever, and part of its appeal is its somewhat taboo nature, which makes it even more exciting and erotically stimulating.

Examples of the popularity of BDSM are everywhere in popular entertainment, books, and the media today, such as in the great success of Fifty Shades of Grey, soon to become a major motion picture, and the top selling songs and albums by Miley Cyrus, Madonna, and other singers who use the role play of a dominatrix in their videos.

So what exactly is BDSM, who likes it, and why?   In a nutshell, the B stands for bondage, where one partner ties up or restrains another with everything from ropes to chains and handcuffs.

The “D” stands for “domination” where one partner dominates another in a power exchange and enjoys that charge of power, while the other likes being powerless.

The S stands for submission and sadism, where one partner “punishes” or “tortures” another, such as by using whips and restraints, while the other “submits” and enjoys the experience, because this is … Continue reading

Transform Your Relationship…Spice Up Your Erotic Life

Spice-up-your-erotic-relationshipAfter the honeymoon phase in a new relationship or after several years in a great relationship, many couples want to do something to spice up their sex life.

Everything else can be wonderful – the friendship, the companionship, the communication – but the magic seems to be gone in the bedroom.

One way to stimulate that excitement is through dominant and submissive role play. It really adds spice to the relationship, much like taking a vacation to a new place can be just what you need to bring new energy and enthusiasm into your daily life.

The reason dominant and submissive role play works so well is because it enables partners to take on different roles from what they have in everyday life or exaggerate ones that they already enjoy.

For example, a man who gives orders in a factory or does routine calculations as an accountant at work might like the excitement of participating in a fantasy scene where he can dress up as a baby or take everything and play at being a friendly pet. Or perhaps he might like to simply relax and have things done to him as he … Continue reading