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LADIES and GENTLEMEN – Welcome to the controversial, erotic world of adult entertainment in literature. This book is all about twisted, lustful and forbidden sexual fantasies. sexual adventures and guilty pleasures!

Secret Cinemas, 10 Erotic Movie Fantasies is pioneering a distinctive path of its own.  It offers a dissimilar feature, (a secret for now) created for your reading enjoyment.  Don’t read this book, experience it!  By Dr. C.E. Grenci

WARNING: NC-17 – Adults Only
No One 17 and Under Admitted. Clearly adult.

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Fleur D' Lys




The True Story of America’s Infamous Mistress Carla


This gripping tale of sexuality & indomitable spirit makes a great gift for lovers and friends alike.

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“Unlike the popular erotic novels such as Valley of the Dolls, The Story of O, and the recent bestseller, Fifty Shades of Grey, Queen of Domination is one of the few non-fiction accounts of female sexuality that will at the same time shock and titillate the reader. Dr. Grenci is a true pioneer as a writer about female sexuality, and you owe it to yourself to take this erotic journey with her so you may begin to understand female sexuality. It is no longer her secret life, but a life to share with the world.”
–William Granzig, Ph.D., President, American Academy of Clinical Sexology

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A riveting, controversial, tell-all exposé by Dr. Charlayne Grenci

“Grenci’s study will prove beyond a reasonable doubt why Proust was a sadistic, tortured soul, plagued by the depth and diversity of his sexual identity and secret perversions, his highly creative personality and medical illnesses.”


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Fleur D' Lys



Dr Grenci in the foyer againSince 2012, I have been diligently pondering the past & wrote a book which has been published on August 25

I used the manuscript I had completed in 1985, but was never published, for its content of accurate dates, information and true accounts of my experiences.  I incorporated that book into a memoir of my extraordinary  life which reads like a graphic, compelling and kinky novel!  The book is titled QUEEN OF DOMINATION, The True Life Story of America’s Infamous Mistress Carla.

Below is a preview of the storyline in QUEEN OF DOMINATION.


Fleur D' Lys


BOOKWISE-BOOK-SIGNING-SEPT-2014For the past 34 years I have been known as Mistress Carla, a real life dominatrix, with thousands of clients. QUEEN OF DOMINATION tells my story of how I went from growing up as a privileged but rebellious teen in the conservative town of Bangor, Maine to exploring alternative erotic and kinky lifestyles with male and female partners to becoming a dominatrix in Florida beginning in 1979 when I was 30.

As a real life dominatrix, I soon became known internationally for my theatrical style and well-equipped, clandestine garage. I had male clients from all walks of life from 21 to 80 years of age, including prominent city leaders, who came to my torture dungeon of whips and chains. Then, in 1983, after a police raid, I was arrested for prostitution, imprisoned, castigated in the press, and faced a legal system fraught with corruption in a case that turned into a protracted witch-hunt and three-ring circus of a trial. It was one of the most sensationalized criminal cases of its time.

Once my legal struggles ended with a five year sentence, I defied the system again and opened Florida ‘s first dungeon club and fantasy theater, in which people observe or participate in secret sexual fantasies. The dungeon club playground still thrives today. I also became an educator, consultant, and authority on BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism), and now I lecture at universities and conventions all over the U.S. and internationally.

QUEEN OF DOMINATION follows my story from small town girl into the world of eroticism, lust, deviance and kinky behavior to my life today as a doctor of clinical sexology.

The memoir reads like fiction — like a real life FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. The book should have broad appeal given the huge success of FIFTY SHADES, which is now on track to become a blockbuster Hollywood movie.

The book will especially appeal to women from all different backgrounds, from housewives and mothers to working and professional women. It will appeal as well to men interested in erotic fantasies or kinky sex; parents, teachers, college professors, physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, court officers, and law enforcement personnel. Others who will be especially drawn to the book are people in alternative lifestyles including the GLBT community, swingers, the BDSM community, and people working in or involved in the sex industry and subcultures, which includes millions of people.

Because of the spirit of this book, which features a woman finding empowerment through standing up to conventional society and exploring normally bizarre and taboo areas of life, you should find the story fascinating, as well as a source of life lessons.



Grande Mistress Carla

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