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Dr. Charlayne E. Grenci, Ph.D., is a clinical sexologist, clinical professor and a relationship expert; a graduate from Maimonides University, an affiliate of The American Academy of Clinical Sexologists and a Diplomat of The American Board of Clinical Sexology.


She also wears another hat as Mistress Carla, who  is known as a professional dominatrix with an ongoing sex research program for over 34 years since 1980, based on observing and working with thousands of people.


Her research study has focused on various sexual practices, alternative lifestyles, sexual preferences, sexual human behavior, and most relationship issues.

Grande Mistress Carla Seriously DominantAs a sex coach, sex educator, sex scientist and guest lecturer with a private practice, Dr. Grenci provides private coaching and instruction for individuals and couples seeking information, advice, and support with relationship issues, sexual problems, and alternative lifestyles.

Since 1987, she has been a guest lecturer, who has presented at large national conventions, clubs, organizations, institutes, and local universities all over the world. Among these are the Florida International University, St. Thomas University, Maimonides University, and German Society for Social Scientific Sexuality Research in Munich, Germany, attended by many world famous sexologists.

She has been a guest speaker on  TV and Radio talk shows.
Her lectures have been popular for over 27 years because of their combination of exhibits, demonstrations and academic content in a candid, graphic & entertaining presentation, which have attracted a broad audience, from the general public to graduate students, professors, and mental health professionals, especially in the fields of psychology, clinical sexology, social work, sex therapy and research.

Most recently, she was invited to be a guest lecturer at a program at Indiana University in coordination with The Kinsey Institute for Sex Research.

As Mistress Carla, Dr. Grenci has been an internationally famous dominatrix since 1980. She gained fame for establishing Florida ‘s first Dungeon in her home, which led to a five year legal battle in the 1980′s when the Pompano Beach Police and Broward Sheriffs’ departments raided her business.

The legal battle led Mistress Carla to become a well-known instructor, consultant, and advocate for freedom of expression for alternative sexual expression and alternative lifestyles in the mainstream media.

As Mistress Carla, Dr. Grenci also became nationally-known as a free-lance writer and columnist for several internationally distributed fetish newspapers and magazines and then a guest lecturer and educator on the BDSM lifestyle and  S&M and the law, at dozens of universities, including Nova Southeastern University, the University of Miami, and the Florida Post Graduate Sex-Therapy Institute, and she still speaks to universities on these topics.

Also, as Mistress Carla, Dr. Grenci has been a speaker at organizations, clubs, and national conventions around the country, including Living In Leather and Leather World in Chicago, the world famous Dressing for Pleasure in New Jersey, and The Orlando Bash in Florida.

Miami Metro Magazine Spread -1998As Mistress Carla, Dr. Grenci appeared on numerous radio talk shows as an expert in the field of BDSM, domination and submission training, and coaching singles and couples in all lifestyles on improving sexual relationships and other relationship problems.

She was crowned the Grand Matriarch of Florida at an annual convention called the Orlando Bash in 1993 and was recognized for having earned the title of the first “Grande Mistress” in the United States by the Duchess and the Leather Community for her on-going accomplishments as the “Trail-blazer and Trendsetter” since 1980.

Other accomplishments include founding the first Dungeon Club and Fantasy Theatre in Florida called Command Performance (1991), launching the first educational program in Florida for the fetish community, and producing the first National Fetish Convention in Florida, called Metamorphosis, all of which drew thousands of attendees and participants since 1991 from around the world to educational seminar presentations, theatrical performances, themed play-party events and the unique dungeon playground.

Mistress Carla has maintained an historical archive about her activities in the BDSM community dating back to 1980.


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